What is quality, good quality, and quality assurance?

What is quality, good quality, and quality assurance?


What is quality? For example, suppose you bought a brand-name bag for 150,000 yen. What would you think if you went home and saw that the buckle was a little dirty? You would think, “The quality is poor. On the other hand, suppose you bought a paper bag for 300 yen at a Kiosk. When you take it home and look at it, it is just as dirty. However, you would not think that the quality of the paper bag is as bad as that of a brand bag. What is the difference? Naturally, it is the difference in price. People are satisfied with the quality of expensive items, while they are satisfied with the quality of inexpensive items.

In other words, quality is “the standard demanded by the customer for consideration”. “Quality” is defined in ISO 9000 as follows. “The degree to which a collection of inherent characteristics satisfies requirements.” In other words, quality is determined by the customer, not the producer.

What is good quality?

Good quality is a state in which “the product meets the requirements for a variety of essential, coherent qualities. Poor usability has nothing to do with good quality. If the product meets the requirements, it is of good quality.

The heavy knock on disposable lighters is by no means user-friendly. However, it is rather good quality because it meets safety requirements. Also, high quality is one thing, but guaranteeing quality is quite another. For example, when the author went to an audit, the person in charge would explain, “We do 200 tests where we do 100.” What is changed when we repeat the process of testing 100 times 200 times, or 200 times 400 times? Quality improves. The more you repeat the checks, the more the quality improves. However, nothing changes in “quality assurance. The author often asks during audits, “I understand that the product quality is high. Then, how are you doing quality assurance? However, the person in charge cannot answer. They think that if they improve the quality of their products, they are assured of the quality of their products.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance means “the ability to continuously produce products according to predetermined quality and specifications. In other words, it is a guarantee of reproducibility. The product must be the same no matter how many times it is done.
It is the ability to produce a product with the same “quality” and “specifications” no matter how many times it is produced.
For example, a Louis Vuitton bag cannot be said to be of guaranteed quality if it is sometimes glitzy, sometimes frayed, or sometimes has a dirty buckle. If it is not made to the same specifications every time, there is no way to guarantee quality.
Another KIOSK paper bag will never become a Louis Vuitton bag in the course of its production. In other words, no matter how many times they are produced, the quality will never improve. KIOSK paper bags are always produced to the “specifications” and “quality” of KIOSK paper bags.

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