Importance of Communication

Importance of Communication

It is important for the management to always keep emphasizing to the employees that they must comply with laws and regulations. Management’s attitude will enable a quick response to any problems or quality defects that are discovered, and will also create a sense of legal compliance among employees.

On the other hand, recent GMP investigations have focused on examining whether the quality system is appropriate. It is important that the quality system in question is incorporated into individual products and that the system is properly operated. Insufficient understanding, evaluation and countermeasures of quality information can lead to product recalls. Field personnel may notice abnormalities in quality. It is important that this is communicated to management and shared within the organization. By sharing this information as an organization, necessary measures can be taken quickly. It goes without saying that information sharing is important for an organization.

However. Do we really foster a culture of easy reporting? People will always make mistakes and forget. But if you report mistakes to your boss, you will be scolded. Then they tell a small lie. To cover up the small lie, they tell a bigger lie. To cover it up, they tell a bigger lie. When it is discovered, it is usually a big problem that cannot be dealt with. International standards such as ISO 9001 and data integrity requirements stress the importance of this communication. The more people who report mistakes, the more praise must be given. because they provided an opportunity for improvement.

Since people will always make mistakes, the system (system: QMS) must be improved to improve the process to detect and prevent mistakes. First, management must foster a “culture that facilitates reporting.


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