boiled frog phenomenon

Readers may be familiar with an anecdote called the boiled frog phenomenon.If a frog is thrown into boiling water, it will jump out, but if the frog is immersed in lukewarm water and heated gradually, the frog will boil up and die without noticing.
In fact, the above does not actually occur because the frogs will escape if it gets hot.
The lesson of the Boiled Frog Phenomenon is to understand the difficulty and importance of responding to slow-moving environmental changes and crises.
We are certainly insensitive to slow-moving environmental changes and crises.
If they put off their work until it is not too late, they may find themselves in a situation from which they cannot recover, or if they avoid learning by relying on skills and knowledge that are gradually becoming obsolete, they may fall behind the times and lose their position in the company.
When we become aware of environmental changes or crises, we should try to deal with them immediately.
What this theory shows is that not only frogs but also humans are insensitive to gradual changes in the environment.
If they are always placed in the same environment, they will not notice if the environment gradually deteriorates, and they will eventually be boiled like frogs.
That is why we need to be constantly alert to changes in that environment.
It is important to maintain a “controlled state” for “continuous improvement.”

ChatGPT and new employees

The newcomers to society will be the AI generation.
For example, it used to take about two weeks for a new employee to research and prepare a document. Moreover, it was not always possible to submit the data after two weeks, or the submitted data was not at all accurate.
However, today, they would use ChatGPT, etc., and submit their materials in an hour.
In doing so, senior staff and supervisors should not scold such newcomers.
This is because times are changing.
The key is to be able to use newcomers who use ChatGPT etc. There may be no point in struggling to do surveys and reports anymore.

The AI generation will not survive if they cling to old ways of thinking, such as that their juniors should have to go through the same hardships based on their own experiences.
There was once a time when reading novels was called a form of recreation. It means that those who read novels all the time are bad people. Whenever something that did not exist before becomes popular, there are always people who deny it.
Today, a child who plays games all the time would be considered a bad person.However, the gaming generation is now the primary workforce. They must not be left behind by the changing times. Just as they have switched from cell phones to smartphones, they will have to switch to AI-equipped computers and smartphones in the future.

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