Why is sashimi eaten at home not tasty?

Why is sashimi eaten at home not tasty?

Have readers ever felt that the sashimi they eat for dinner at home is not as good as the sashimi they eat at sushi restaurants?

The cold chain (cold temperature control) of fresh fish such as tuna is strictly maintained to ensure its quality from the time the fisherman catches the fish to the time it arrives on the shelves of fresh fish stores.

However, in most cases, after shopping, the items are placed directly into the bag and carried home despite the blazing sun.

In doing so, the cold chain has been broken. Essentially, the ice needs to be brought back quickly in a bag so that the cold chain is not broken.

The same is true for the supply of medicines: as the GDP guidelines were developed, it is important that medicines reach patients in the same quality as they were manufactured.

In the course of his work, the author conducts audits of many pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. In doing so, he checks the truck yards where shipments are made.

We have seen cases where products are put out and laid out in the truck yard just before the time when the trucks are expected to arrive soon.

Of course, many companies’ SOPs allow for transitory excursions (Excursions) for short periods of time.

However. Trucks do not always arrive at the same time every day. Traffic jams and accidents can occur.

Are we really measuring the lead time during this period? Even if the pharmaceuticals are controlled at room temperature, temperatures above 30°C (86°F) are not desirable. In some cases, the cold chain may have been broken due to prolonged exposure to the hot sun.

In one clinical trial, a data logger was not included in the delivery of investigational drugs, even though it was mid-summer. Of course, the investigational drug was delivered by a dedicated truck, so it was presumed that there was probably no temperature deviation. However, because the data loggers were not included, there was no evidence that temperature deviations had not occurred.

Without evidence, it is impossible to prove that there is no deviation. Thus, even if rules are set and quality is strictly controlled within the manufacturing facility, there are many cases where the quality is not taken into consideration even to the world outside the manufacturing facility, so care must be taken.

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